About us

The Company

The mission of SOIC Ship Management AB is to ensure that The Swedish Ship Götheborg is kept in excellent condition and will continue to sail the oceans of the world. This will be fulfilled through our future expeditions.

The Swedish Ship Götheborg is the world's largest, ocean-going, wooden sailing ship. After extensive maintenance work, including two shipyard visits, as well as lifting and inspecting the main mast, we are ready to set sail again.


Our Owner

SOIC Shipmanagement AB is a fully owned subsidiary of Greencarrier AB, one of the Nordic countries’ largest privately owned logistics companies. The company has branches in 11 countries worldwide and offers global logistics solutions with all modes of transport, focusing on knowledge, innovation and sustainable solutions.


Visit Us

Guided tours
The Swedish Ship Götheborg is a historical visitor’s destination in the city of Gothenburg and a ship loaded of experiences. Here, visitors get to know everything from captivating stories to the tremendous art of shipbuilding in a contemporary 18th century environment during a guided tour on board.

Corporate Events
Invite your costumers and co-workers to a unique experience onboard the Swedish Ship Götheborg. Enjoy dinner and drinks in a fascinating and exiting environment, aboard among masts, ropes and canons. A corporate event on the Swedish Ship Götheborg can never be an ordinary experience.
Welcome onboard!


Peter Alexandersson

CEO, SOIC Ship Management AB

Cecilia Bothorp

Event Manager


  • We will open up for visitors the 1st of May 2021 and follow the restrictions due to Covid-19 to make your visit safe.