East Asia Trade Expedition 2022/2023

Expedition 2022/2023

Götheborg of Sweden is the world’s largest wooden ocean-going sailing ship, and we look forward to the unique sailing expedition to Asia in 2022 and 2023.

Heading out once again

In May 2022, Götheborg of Sweden will head out on an East Asian expedition. A trip to Stockholm in August 2021 was the first stop on that adventure. In the same vein as in our history, the mission is to promote Swedish-Asian trade and create new business opportunities.

For our next expedition, we are putting innovations for a better world on display. We will create a commitment to the greatest challenge of our times – the adaptation to a sustainable future.

An expedition with a mission

The expedition will promote and open new trade opportunities for Swedish and Asian companies alike.

International trade can also have positive effects on all three dimensions of sustainability; economic, social, and environmental. The expedition’s aim is to bring forward innovations as an important and necessary part of the solution towards our vision of creating a sustainable future. 


The expedition to East Asia will last for nearly one and a half years and is dependent on mother nature and natural forces such as wind and currents. 

After leaving Sweden in May 2022, Götheborg will sail in Northern Europe and the Baltic Sea, then across the North Sea and pass through the English Channel and past the Bay of Biscay. We will dock at a number spots in the Mediterranean and then stay in the Mediterranean during winter 2022/2023.

Spring 2023 we will enter the Suez Canal, and head towards the Red Sea and Djibouti. After crossing the Indian Ocean, the ship will arrive in India. In India, our East Asia Tour begins and Götheborg with crew will now be heading towards the major markets Singapore, Vietnam, Hong Kong and finally China. Join our journey and open new possibilities along the route!

The planning and work to confirm and finalise the stopovers and ports that Götheborg will dock at is an ongoing work. We will share the news with all of you underway!


Greencarrier is a global group offering logistics solutions all over the world, focusing on knowledge, innovation and sustainable solutions. SOIC and Greencarrier share common values and when we start our journey towards a sustainable future with commerce, shipping and logistics as our base, Svenska Ostindiska Companiet is simply our starting point. We like challenges, and our attitude is: Yes, it's possible!

Latest news

Sustainability workshop with CSR Västsverige

23 November 2021

Sustainability is at the core of our expedition 2022/2023. Therefore, we have started a process of identifying what we can improve and what we can do to make sure we take responsible decisions and actions for a sustainable future.

New yards in the making

19 November 2021

The exciting task for this week included locating, taking down, debarking and preparing timber that will become six new yards on the ship! Heading out on our big expedition to Asia next year, we need to bring spare yards with us, and this week has been very busy at the sawmill outside of Laholm.