Life on board

Life on board Götheborg of Sweden

There are around fifty deckhands and twenty-five professional crew members on board Götheborg. The deckhand crew consists of a mix of people from all age groups, geographical origins, level of experience and interests. Everyone contributes in their own way with their unique life experience from professional and private life, whether you have sailing experience or not.

What you will be doing on board

We work according to a three-shift system where the deck crew is divided into three watches (teams) who share the 24-hour schedule. Each watch team works for four hours and is then off for eight hours. During your watch you will be assigned different posts, for example: being at the helm (steering the ship), standing watch or going on safety rounds (walking around the ship to see that everything is okay). You will also help to cook in the galley (kitchen). Life on board also means a lot of everyday chores such as cleaning and washing.

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Clothes & personal belongings

Please note that all your belongings must fit inside a locker of the following dimensions (20x30x70 cm), bag included (foldable bag). We will provide you with working clothes, rainwear (not rubber boots), and a climbing harness. You will also get to keep two crew t-shirts. 

Sleeping arrangements

Onboard you will sleep in a hammock or a bed. You will be provided with a blanket and pillow and you will be able to store your personal belongings in a locker.


There are two washing machines and two dry tumblers on board for you to use together with the other crew members in your watch, usually once a week.

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