Who can apply?

Terms & conditions to join the crew

As a deckhand on board Götheborg of Sweden you are a vital part of the crew – an experience of a lifetime. You and your fellow sailors will experience extreme conditions, often with aching limbs and blisters on your hands, but with a big smile on your face. 

To join the crew, we have set some basic terms. This is because the demanding work we do on board requires you to be in good shape. Please read the conditions and requirements needed for participation before applying for a position. 

Covid-19 information

In order to carry out our sailing trips in a safe manner regarding Covid-19, extended health routines before and during sailing will be implemented. We follow the recommendations and guidelines of the Public Health Agency of Sweden closely.

Medical requirements

To be accepted to sail on Götheborg of Sweden, you will have to fill in a health declaration confirming that you are in good physical and mental health and that you fulfil the medical requirements to participate in the work onboard.

Back problems
If you have a back problem, please be aware that you will be sleeping in a hammock on board.

We will not provide special diets, except for vegetarian, gluten-free and lactose-free diets. It is not allowed to bring your own food onboard.

Working at heights

The time-typical rig means that a lot of deckhands are needed when setting and handling the sails. Therefore, you must be able to climb and help with the rigging, which is 40 meters high. It is natural to initially feel a certain unease when working at such heights, but most people get used to it quickly. If you know you cannot cope with heights, you should not join the crew as you may risk both your own and your fellow sailors’ safety.

Age restrictions

To join the crew, you must be over 18 years old before the day you sign on. There is no upper limit, but you need to be fit and healthy enough to climb in the 40-meter high rig in all kinds of weather.

Physically and mentally demanding work

Teamwork is incredibly important on board. Götheborg of Sweden has few mechanical aids, which means it takes a lot of muscular effort and cooperation to handle the sails and the rig. You will be spending time at sea, with no opportunity to go ashore, so it is very important that you feel confident about yourself and that you are in good physical and mental shape. In case of emergency, you need to be able to swim at least 200 meters.

In port

As a part of the crew on board Götheborg of Sweden, you may be required to do guided tours for the many curious visitors to the ship when she's in port. You will also help with docking, coming in or going out of different ports.

Photo and video consent form according to GDPR

When sailing on board Götheborg you will definitely end up in photos and videos. We will have media teams on board, and in the ports news media and journalists will visit the ship. When getting accepted on a sailing leg, we are required to have your consent in accordance to GDPR, to take photos and videos of you, and to publish and store them for future use. All accepted deckhands need to sign a GDPR consent form before signing on the ship.

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