Available Sailing Legs 2023

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What was it like to sail and live on an East Indiaman in the 1700s? And who’d have thought another chance to sail an 18th century ship would ever present itself? Well, here it is! Today, we sail with the comforts of modern life, but the experience of sailing is still as adventurous as when the original Götheborg set sail. Join the adventure of a lifetime!

European Tour 2023

A bucket list sailing adventure

– Six weeks sailing for free on board the world’s largest ocean-going wooden sailing ship

Join us on a great European adventure, sailing in the Mediterranean, through the Straits of Gibraltar, along the coast of Portugal and across the Bay of Biscay. This stretch of sailing is for you who really want to experience and learn about sailing this magnificent ship, and to find your sea legs.

During 45 days on board, you will experience all types of weather and sailing, from sun and calm seas to racing along in strong winds. There will be wildlife spotting and interesting port stops, and being on board for that long, the crew on board will become a really close nit group.

Sail overview

With the sign on date 17 March 2023, the ship will leave Barcelona 20 March 2023. The first stopover will be beautiful Sète in the south of France, also known as “Venice of the Languedoc” for its network of canals. After a few days in Sète, the ship heads south again, now making its way towards the Straits of Gibraltar. Before sailing through the Straits of Gibraltar, and heading towards the Bay of Biscay, the ship will make one more portstop. Sign off will be 30 April 2023 somewhere in the area around the western tip of France.  

During all the four portstops included in this sailing period, we will have open ship, inviting visitors on board. As usual, you as a deckhand will be involved in the work around the stopovers, such as station guiding during open ship.

Sail for free

We now offer a select number of people the unique opportunity to sail for free on board the Götheborg, when you sign up for the full first six weeks of this year’s sailing adventure.

The reasons why we offer this sailing period for free are threefold.
1. We need a full crew for the long sail from the Straits of Gibraltar and across the Bay of Biscay.
2. We also want a warmed-up crew that are really beginning to find their feet around the ship for this longer sailing leg.
3. It is very short notice for many people to join six weeks of sailing.

If you were ever to head out on a great adventure, this is your chance!

Sailing details and application

Days sailing: Approximately 32 days
Days in port: Approximately 13 days

Sign on: Barcelona, Friday 17 March 2023
Sign off: Yet to be announced/Somewhere in the area around the tip of western France, Sunday 30 April 2023

Price: Free of charge (for the full six week period)

Interested in sailing with us? Sign up now!

Sailing legs in 2023

Sailing legs for 2023 will be released very shortly, but we have already opened up for the opportunity to sail with us the first six weeks for free! 

Right now we are still moored in Barcelona for our winter stopover. While we are here you can volunteer on board, and we hope to soon open up for visitors on board again. 

Previous sailing legs

Take a look here if you want to read more about our previous sailing legs in 2022. We have collected all the information about the dates, route, cost and days sailing.

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