Payment agreement & Cancellation rules

All cancellations must be sent to [email protected] and confirmed by the company.

Payment agreement

The fee to participate as a deckhand on Götheborg of Sweden is split in two payments:
1. Sign-Up Fee
2. Final Payment

Sign-up fee

In connection with the admission notification, the first part of the payment (here called “sign-up fee”) to SOIC Ship Management is required. The sign-up fee is 20 % of the sailing leg’s total amount and needs to be paid to SOIC Ship Management AB within 7 days after receiving the admission e-mail. When paying the sign-up fee, the deckhand is guaranteed his/her offered position, and is obliged to pay the next part in accordance with the agreement.

Please note that the sign-up fee is non-refundable!

Final payment

Final payment (the additional 80 % of the total amount) must be paid to SOIC Ship Management AB within 30 days of admission notice. If the deckhand does not pay the amount for the voyage according to the agreement, SOIC Ship Management AB has the right to cancel the agreement and keep the sign-up fee.

Cancellation rules

The cancellation rules are valid in case of death, urgent illness (other than covid-19), or a serious accident affecting the deckhand himself/herself or a close relative (partner, children, parents, sisters, brothers, or grandparents). When cancelling due to the above, a doctor’s certificate from a non-biased doctor must always be attached.

When cancelling earlier then 60 days before the day of departure (signing on) the final payment is refunded. When cancelling later than 60 days, but earlier then 20 days before the sign on date, 50 % of the final payment is refunded. When cancelling later than 20 days before signing on, SOIC Ship Management AB has the right to keep the whole amount.

Change in departure and arrival time

SOIC Ship Management AB reserves the right to make changes in departure and arrival dates and times on short notice if necessary. The deckhand has no right to reimbursements for additional costs due to changes in arrival and departure times. SOIC Ship Management AB is obligated to inform about any changes as soon as they are known.

Note – Special terms apply regarding Covid-19. Se below.


Due to the Covid-19 pandemic we have amended our cancellation policy. 

SOIC Ship Management AB closely follows the development of Covid-19, and the recommendations from the Swedish Health Authorities and other National Authorities in the countries we are sailing to. During the 2022 expedition we will take all possible precautions to minimise the risks for our crew and deckhands.

When sailing with us, you will need a valid Covid-19 vaccination certificate, meeting the European standards or similar. You will also need to meet all Covid-19 regulations and requirements of the countries we are sailing from and to during each sailing leg. SOIC Ship Management AB also reserves the right to test crew members and deckhands at any time.

When applying to become a deckhand you accept that SOIC Ship Management AB reserves the right to refuse anyone who does not meet the requirements stated above.

If a deckhand receives a positive Covid-19 PCR test result, or can provide a doctor’s certificate from a non-biased doctor, seven days or less prior to signing on, payment will be refunded. However, SOIC Ship Management AB will not reimburse extended costs, such as travel costs etc.

In the unlikely case that SOIC Ship Management AB needs to cancel the Expedition 2022, or one of the sailing legs because of the Covid-19 pandemic, SOIC Ship Management AB will issue a full refund. However, SOIC Ship Management AB will not cover extended costs, such as travel costs etc.

All cancellations due to a positive PCR test result, or a doctor’s certificate, must be sent to [email protected] and approved by SOIC Ship Management AB before it is valid.

Force Majeure

If, prior to a sailing leg, an extraordinary situation beyond the control of SOIC Ship Management AB, categorized under Swedish law as force majeure, occurs that makes it impossible to complete a sailing leg, the deckhand is to be informed as soon as possible. In such events, SOIC Ship Management AB may choose to suspend or terminate the sailing. If a sailing leg is cancelled due to a case of force majeure, the payment will not be refunded.

Force majeure includes, but is not limited to, natural disasters, war, lockout, blockades, widespread disease, and strikes. SOIC Ship Management AB is not liable for any additional costs caused by the cancellation.

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