Available Sailing Legs 2022

Götheborg is heading out again – sail with us!

What was it like to sail and live on an East Indiaman in the 1700s? And who’d have thought another chance to sail an 18th century ship would ever present itself? Well, here it is! Today, we sail with the comforts of modern life, but the experience of sailing is still as adventurous as when the original Götheborg set sail for Asia. Join the adventure of a lifetime!

Sailing leg one

The Pioneer Leg – Gothenburg to Helsingborg

This first leg of the two-year expedition is the leg to be a part of – if climbing, getting the ship ready, learning about the rig, and taking her for the first run of the year is your thing, that is. And let’s not forget the spectacular departure from the Port of Gothenburg!

Before leaving shore, the ship needs to get ready for a very long voyage. To make the final preparations happen, we need the help of committed deckhands. Yes, that’s you, guys – and we welcome beginners as well as old seadogs. Also, don’t get fooled by how short the leg looks on the map. We will be making a detour, follow the weather, set as many sails as possible, and really test the ship! Should we save you a berth on the Pioneer Leg?

Days sailing: 6 days
Days in port: 6 days

Sign on: Gothenburg, Saturday 4 June 2022
Sign off: Helsingborg, Thursday 16 June 2022

Price: 9.700 SEK

Photo: Leaving Gothenburg to sail to Asia in 2005. Kent Hallgren.

Sailing leg two

Midsummer Run – Helsingborg to Helsinki

Helsinki, here we come! Leaving Helsingborg in southern Sweden, Götheborg will work its way through waters less and less salty the closer we get to the capital of Finland. This second leg of the expedition will be six days of sailing, and what six days it will be. The Baltic Sea in summer is magical! The sun hardly sets before it’s on the rise again, in colours so grand it’s breathtaking – a timeless experience that Northern seafarers share across the millenniums.

But let’s not romanticize too much. The deckhand life is full of chores, too, and that’s what you sign up for when joining us for the Midsummer Run. Ready to sail?

Days sailing: 6 days
Days in port: 4 days

Sign on: Helsingborg, Thursday 16 June 2022
Sign off: Helsinki, Sunday 26 June 2022

Price: 9.800 SEK

Photo: Sailing from Helsinki to Riga in 2013. Adrian Nordenborg.

Sailing leg three

The Archipelago Tour – Helsinki to Stockholm

The route between goes through the Helsinki Archipelago and the Stockholm Archipelago, both famous for their beauty.

While the linear distance in itself may be limited, this is actually one of the more extensive legs. There will be plenty of open sea, or in other words a lot of sailing. We will follow the winds and set as many sails as possible, which is an experience in itself. All deckhands will need to prove their skills climbing the rig, scrubbing the deck and mastering the art of keeping the world’s largest ocean-going wooden sailing ship fit. All in all, the Archipelago Tour might prove to be the experience of a lifetime for the deckhands on board. Could that be you?

Days sailing: 10 days
Days in port: 3 days

Sign on: Helsinki, Sunday 26 June 2022
Sign off: Stockholm, Saturday 9 July 2022
(It is possible to stay on board and help out on the ship until 13 July).

Price: 15.800 SEK

Photo: Sailing from Stockholm to Helsinki in 2008. Adam Lithner.

Sailing leg four

The Danish Leg – Stockholm to Copenhagen

First time in Copenhagen! Sailing from the capital of Sweden to that of Denmark, anything could happen. Signing up for the Danish Leg will mean a full week of climbing the rig, carrying out your daily chores – and tarring the ship, a vital task to keep Götheborg of Sweden in shape for what’s to come. The characteristic scent of tar is of course part of the experience, so grab a bucket and get to work.

The passage culminates in entering the Port of Copenhagen and mooring at a prime spot. After a job well done, you should definitely treat yourself to a visit to the picturesque Nyhavn district, right in the heart of the city. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves; first, you will need to sign up as a deckhand on the Danish Leg. Are you ready?

Days sailing: 7 days
Days in port: 4 days

Sign on: Stockholm, Tuesday 12 July 2022
Sign off: Copenhagen, Saturday 23 July 2022

Price: 11.500 SEK

Photo: Sailing from Kiel to Aarhus in 2013. Sarah StClair Renard.

Sailing leg five

The City Hopper – Copenhagen to Oslo

Four full days of historically authentic sailing, that’s what you sign up for. Götheborg of Sweden is built as ships were built three centuries ago, which means the maintenance, too, needs to be old school. In other words, lots of chores, big and small, for all deckhands. Once they’re all completed, you can enjoy the marine scenery as we slowly but surely approach the southern shores of Norway.

One hundred hours after leaving Copenhagen, we will arrive in Oslo. So, are you ready for an adventure packed with keeping watch out on the bowsprit, taking in and setting sails, and climbing down to the gun room during the fire round? Is that a yes?

Days sailing: 4 days
Days in port: 3 days

Sign on: Copenhagen, Saturday 23 July 2022
Sign off: Oslo, Saturday 30 July 2022

Price: 7.600 SEK

Photo: Sailing from Kiel to Aarhus in 2013. Sarah StClair Renard.

Sailing leg six

The Great North Sea Sail – Oslo to London

Götheborg of Sweden will be cruising down the fjord toward the open sea and a full week on board before arriving in London. As our North Sea Sail proceeds, there may well be opportunities for once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Götheborg of Sweden is a great vantage point for both maritime wildlife and sea sparkle. Although the life of deckhands does include chores, during breaks you just might be lucky enough to spot dolphins not far from the ship. And who knows, if you’re really lucky, maybe you’ll see orcas, too.

As we sail up the Thames to conclude our Great North Sea Sail, at last we see the home of Big Ben appear before us. As the Grand Finale of this leg, we will be saluting the city properly, cannons and all. What a week this will be! Could we interest you in that?

Days sailing: 7 days
Days in port: 4 days

Sign on: Oslo, Saturday 30 July 2022
Sign off: London, Thursday 11 August 2022

Price: 12.800 SEK

Photo: Arriving in London in 2007. Philip Adams.

Sailing leg seven

The Crown Jewel Passage – London to Bremerhaven

Signing up for the Crown Jewel Passage will give you an authentic experience of sailing as a deckhand 300 years ago. This passage will not only give you the opportunity to climb high up in the rig, work with setting and taking in sails, and learn about sailing an 18th century ship. It will also give you the unique experience of sailing and steering the ship in waters that are among the world’s busiest. All in all, sailing along the Thames, crossing the English Channel and passing the East Frisian Islands before mooring at the Port of Bremerhaven means a leg packed with action. 

Upon arrival, the Bremerhaven Maritime Days, with 80 ships and 350,000 visitors, are just about to start. There will be lots of spectacular ships present, though the one you’re sailing is definitely one of the crown jewels of the festival. Want to join the adventure?

Days sailing: 5 days
Days in port: 4 days

Sign on: London, Thursday 11 August 2022
Sign off: Bremerhaven, Saturday 20 August 2022

Price: 9.300 SEK

Photo: In Bremerhaven in 2010. Marieke de Mink.

Sailing leg eight

The Biscayan Adventure – Bremerhaven to Lisbon

Are you ready for a southbound voyage?

Leaving Bremerhaven and Maritime Days, Götheborg of Sweden will be heading south for its next destination, the Portuguese capital, Lisbon. This will be the longest passage of all our European legs – and easily the toughest one, too. Naming it the Biscayan Adventure is no exaggeration, for adventurous it will be, just as it will be fun and include some really great sailing. Perfect, some would say, for experiencing the life of a deckhand as it should be. Would you agree? Perfect!

Sailing here is on many people’s bucket lists. Is it on yours? Signing up for this leg will give you a most varied experience of challenging sailing and beautiful summer days on the Atlantic. Are you in?

Days sailing: 15 days
Days in port: 3 days

Sign on: Bremerhaven, Saturday 20 August 2022
Sign off: Lisbon, Wednesday 7 September 2022

Price: 23.500 SEK

Photo: Robin Aron Olsson

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