Discount policy for volunteers

This policy is made with the purpose to provide a clear guideline for a reward system for our volunteers. The main purpose of developing this policy is to encourage the volunteers to help with the maintenance. It is also a way to express our appreciation for the work they do for us.

We have created a bonus system, which means that the volunteers can earn a percentage of discount which they can use when they book a sailing leg as a deckhand.

The system works as follows:

Number of days Discount percentage
0-9 days of volunteering 0%
10-19 days of volunteering 10%
20-29 days of volunteering 20%
30-39 days of volunteering 30%
40-49 days of volunteering 40%
50 days or more 50%


The following conditions apply

  • This bonus system applies from August 2020.
  • On a single sailing leg, 6 "discount" places will be available for volunteers to book.*
  • When the 6 places are filled and a volunteer wants to sail on that specific leg, he/she has to pay the regular deckhand fee.
  • If there are more candidates than places available, there will be a selection. This selection will be based on the number of days a volunteer has earned. The volunteers with most of the volunteering days will be selected first, then the second most etc.
  • The discount is only applicable to one sailing leg per Expedition per person. The discount is personal and cannot be given to someone else.
  • The discount that has been earned during the preparation for an Expedition, must be used during the next coming Expedition. It cannot be saved for future Expeditions.**
  • The volunteer could also choose not to use it, but after the Expedition, the accrued days will expire.
  • To sail along with a discount, the volunteer has to meet the basic requirements applicable for all Deckhands: They have to be at least18 years old, physical and mentally healthy and they have to be able to climb in the rig.

*The number of available places can vary between different sailing legs. A decision about this will be made by the Expedition Director.

**In case the expedition will be cancelled, and the ship will not sail, the earned discount will expire.

Practical information

What do I have to do to have my days registered?

  • Volunteers have to be registered in our planning tool "Doodle" (also volunteers for the engine room)
  • If the days are not in Doodle, they cannot be counted
  • One day of volunteering means working from 08.00 – 16.00 (including two coffee breaks and one lunch break during the day) unless something else is agreed on.
  • The one that is in charge daily for the volunteers, will check the list on Doodle daily.

How can I use the discount I earned?

  • From the moment the sailing legs are published, the volunteers will have 30 days to sign up for a "discount place". After these 30 days, a selection will be made among the applicants for the discount places.
  • The volunteers have to apply as a Deckhand for a sailing leg via our application system ‘PAAM’. A link to this system can be found on the expedition page on our website.
  • In PAAM the volunteers have to complete their profile with information about the volunteering days.
  • After the completion of the profile, the volunteer has to apply for a Deckhand position for a specific sailing leg.*** In this process there will be a possibility to indicate that you want to use the volunteer discount/apply for a discount place.
  • According to our payment and cancellation rules, you have to pay the regular sign-up fee (see our payment and cancellation rules) after being accepted as a Deckhand, to secure your place on board.
  • The discount for the selected volunteer will then be calculated at the latest two weeks before the expedition starts. That means that a volunteer can earn volunteer days from August 2020 until two weeks before the start of the expedition.
  • The final payment, including the discount, has to be done at the latest two weeks before the start of the expedition.

***You have the possibility to sign up for more than one sailing leg, but you can only be selected for one discount place.

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