Götheborg is arriving to Gothenburg tomorrow

Tomorrow, Sunday 12 September, at 2 pm, Götheborg is coming back to Gothenburg and Pir 4 on Eriksberg.   

Götheborg is arriving to Gothenburg tomorrow

It's now nearly a month since Götheborg left Gothenburg harbour to sail to Stockholm. It's been a great voyage and a successful stop in Stockholm, with great interest in the ship from visitors, guest, media and the public. Our mission is to use the ship as a platform for promoting Swedish-Asian trade and sustainable innovations, and we are excited to see the big interest in the ship and the Asian expedition. 

Sailing to Stockholm and back has also been very successful in terms of testing the ship for the expedition to Asia. While going by motor in and out of harbour is a necessity, we always aim to sail as much as possible. While sailing to Stockholm, the ship sailed for the longest consecutive time since she sailed to Asia in 2005-2007 (6,5 days).

Going back from Stockholm the winds were not on our side in terms of making it back to Gothenburg in time solely by sail, and we have had to also go by engine. However, the sailing across the Baltics, slowly making progress towards west, were fantastic days, with sunshine, breath-taking sunsets and sunrises and clear, starry skies at night. Yesterday, we were even able to stop and swim from the ship – all hands to bathe.

After returning to Gothenburg, work will now continue to prepare the ship for the voyage to Asia. A lot of work has to be done on both the hull and the rigging, and the ship will go to the shipyard to be drydocked in October. 

Later in autumn, probably in November, Götheborg will again open to visitors.

Photo: Street Studios      

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