How to make a new yard

The main yard on the ship Götheborg is 23 meters long and weighs 1.7 tonnes – and we're making a new one! In this video, our carpenter Manne explains the work being done in our workshop in Gothenburg.

Making a new main yard for Götheborg involves great craftmanship and many hours of hard work: From cutting down two massive douglas fir trees, to joining them together, making the yard straight, and putting on iron rings to make it stable. 

In total we're making six new yards in preparations for the Asia expedition in 2022/2023. The main yard is the biggest.

For more photos of the making of the new yard, have a look at highlights on Instagram, Preps Asia.

The clip below shows the trees being cut down and prepared at the saw mill outside of Laholm.

Forty weekends of volunteering on board Götheborg

21 December 2021

What started with a somewhat grumpy car ride in 2001, resulted in twenty years of passionate interest in the ship Götheborg. Recently, Inga Blomstrand and Leif Bäckman, joined their 40th weekend of volunteering at the ship.

Vi söker nu maskinrumsbemanning / We're looking for engine room personnel

03 December 2021

Vi söker nu tekniska chefer, förste fartygsingenjörer och motormän som vill vara med att förbereda inför och segla med Götheborg på vår expedition till Asien under 2022 och 2023. Bli en del av vårt team och följ med oss på äventyret! (For text in English, click link in post.)