Leaving Stockholm tomorrow!

Tomorrow, Saturday, 4 September, at 2pm (14:00) the ship Götheborg will leave Stockholm. We want to thank Stockholm, all of you that have come to look at the ship from shore, and all our guests that have been on board for a wonderful ten days.

The interest shown in the ship has been amazing, and it is a great start to our journey sailing to Asia in April 2022. It will be a seven-month adventure, where the ship will not only serve as a great platform for our partners, but also for Sweden as a whole.

Leaving Stockholm tomorrow!

Route sailing out of Stockholm
The route out of the archipelago will go through Oxdjupet, Lindalssundet and across Kanholmsfjärden to Sandhamn.

We will set sail after Sandhamn.

Why we don’t set sails in the archipelago

We get a lot of questions about why we don’t set sail in the archipelago. The reason is that Götheborg is a big ship. She is the biggest ocean-going wooden ship in the world, and built for sailing the oceans, which means the margins in the archipelago are too small. Setting the sails takes a lot of time, which in the archipelago would mean that we’d have to start taking a sail down before even getting it up. To give some reference, setting all sails takes at least a day, and the same amount of time is needed to take them down.

The engines help us sail more

We are required to have engines, and we don’t use them out of laziness or convenience, but because we have to. The engines mean that we actually sail more. They help us to quickly get out to the ocean, where the ship really comes to her right. In the past, the ship had to wait for the wind to blow in the right direction, and thus to turn each time the route required a change of direction. This meant it could take weeks to just get out of the archipelago.

Forty weekends of volunteering on board Götheborg

21 December 2021

What started with a somewhat grumpy car ride in 2001, resulted in twenty years of passionate interest in the ship Götheborg. Recently, Inga Blomstrand and Leif Bäckman, joined their 40th weekend of volunteering at the ship.

How to make a new yard

17 December 2021

The main yard on the ship Götheborg is 23 meters long and weighs 1.7 tonnes – and we're making a new one! This involves great craftmanship and many hours of hard work. Hear our carpenter Manne explain the work being done in our workshop in Gothenburg.