New yards in the making

The exciting task for this week included locating, taking down, debarking and preparing timber that will become six new yards on the ship!

Heading out on our big expedition to Asia next year, we need to bring spare yards with us, and this week has been very busy at the sawmill outside of Laholm. Once the first processing of the logs has been done, they will be brought back to the workshop in Gothenburg where the work will continue.

For the rig enthusiasts: The first log in the video will be an angled mizzan yard (latine yard). The second will be the second half of our main yard. One of the logs will also be our new spritsail yard to replace the one that broke this summer. The current one will go back to being the spare spritsail yard.

A big thank you to Södra, SnickarNilsson, JB Riggers and PG Kran AB!

Follow the progress on the work with the yards on our instagram account, in stories.  

Forty weekends of volunteering on board Götheborg

21 December 2021

What started with a somewhat grumpy car ride in 2001, resulted in twenty years of passionate interest in the ship Götheborg. Recently, Inga Blomstrand and Leif Bäckman, joined their 40th weekend of volunteering at the ship.

How to make a new yard

17 December 2021

The main yard on the ship Götheborg is 23 meters long and weighs 1.7 tonnes – and we're making a new one! This involves great craftmanship and many hours of hard work. Hear our carpenter Manne explain the work being done in our workshop in Gothenburg.