Sustainability workshop with CSR Västsverige

Sustainability is at the core of our expedition 2022/2023. Therefore, we have started a process of identifying how we can improve and what we can do to make sure we make responsible decisions and take actions for a sustainable future.

Sustainability workshop with CSR Västsverige

This process includes the expedition, the ship and the organisation around it. Trialing biofuels while sailing to Stockholm this summer was one such important step. Conducting a climate report next year, to identify our climate impact and actions going forward is another.

Recently, to kickstart our internal work, we had a workshop with our partner CSR Västsverige.

Our ambition is to be transparent about the work we do, and share the progress that we make – big and small steps – together with information and inspiration around sustainability. At the heart of what we do is of course to care of our oceans, but together with our partners we want to embrace all parts of sustainability, and how innovation is one of the routes forward to create a sustainable future.

Follow our work, and the work of our partners, here on our website and in our social channels. 

Forty weekends of volunteering on board Götheborg

21 December 2021

What started with a somewhat grumpy car ride in 2001, resulted in twenty years of passionate interest in the ship Götheborg. Recently, Inga Blomstrand and Leif Bäckman, joined their 40th weekend of volunteering at the ship.

How to make a new yard

17 December 2021

The main yard on the ship Götheborg is 23 meters long and weighs 1.7 tonnes – and we're making a new one! This involves great craftmanship and many hours of hard work. Hear our carpenter Manne explain the work being done in our workshop in Gothenburg.