The ship Götheborg of Sweden sails to Stockholm

Sunday, 15 August 2021, 2 pm, the ship Götheborg will leave Gothenburg and sail towards Stockholm. It’s the first time in six years that the ship is sailing, and the starting point for the major journey to Asia that the ship will make next year, in 2022. The mission for the journey is to strengthen Swedish-Asian trade relations, and promote the need for sustainable solutions and innovations to create a better future.

The ship Götheborg of Sweden sails to Stockholm

The eleven-day long sailing leg from Gothenburg to Stockholm, and the nine days back to Gothenburg, are crucially important in the preparations to “test” the ship for sailing to Asia in 2022. A lot of work has been done in the last two years to make the ship ready to sail again.  

” It’s been six years since the Götheborg sailed last time, and more than 15 years since she last sailed to Asia (in 2005-2007) and we’re extremely excited to see her sail again”, said Peter Alexandersson, CEO SOIC Ship Management and the company that runs the Götheborg.

” The stop in Stockholm is also an important part of the preparations for the Asia expedition, as it represents the harbour stops that will be made while sailing to Asia, and works to show the unique platform for Sweden and Swedish companies that the ship will serve as”, said Alexandersson.

The ship will arrive in Stockholm Thursday 26 August, where it will be moored at Skeppsbrokajen until 4 September. The sailing itself will take about 20 days. Saturday 4 September the ship will leave Stockholm, and arrive back in Gothenburg on Sunday 12 September 2021.

Sustainability workshop with CSR Västsverige

23 November 2021

Sustainability is at the core of our expedition 2022/2023. Therefore, we have started a process of identifying what we can improve and what we can do to make sure we take responsible decisions and actions for a sustainable future.

New yards in the making

19 November 2021

The exciting task for this week included locating, taking down, debarking and preparing timber that will become six new yards on the ship! Heading out on our big expedition to Asia next year, we need to bring spare yards with us, and this week has been very busy at the sawmill outside of Laholm.