European Tour 2023

2500 SEK grant for people 18–25 years old

Are you 18–25 and want to sail with us? This is a great opportunity to get part of the payment covered by a grant! Through STAS (Sail Training Association of Sweden), we have the possibility to hand out four grants of 2500 SEK each to people 18–25 years of age. With only four grants to hand out, don't hesitate to apply!

2500 SEK grant for people 18–25 years old

Photo: Krzysztof Romanski

The grants are available for sailing leg 4 (Navigating the Channel – Jersey to Rotterdam) or leg 5 (The North Sea Spring Adventure – Rotterdam to Hamburg).

Leg 4 and 5 will offer beautiful stretches of sailing in busy waters, with a lot of interesting navigation and a  busy time for whoever is keeping watch at the bowsprit. If you go on sailing leg 4 you will visit one of the largest ports in the world, Rotterdam. And if you go for sailing leg 5 you will get to sail the beautiful Elbe to reach Hamburg. Sailing leg 4 consists of nine days at sea and leg 5 is five days at sea. More information about the sailing legs and how to apply below.

To apply for the grant you have to:

  • Not be a day younger than 18 years old at the sign on date.
  • Not be a day older than 25 years old at the sign off date.
  • Be able to understand and make yourself understood in English.
  • Be able to swim at least 200 m.
  • Be registered in Sweden.
  • Take some pictures and write a short text about your experience on board and send it to us after your leg 8 on behalf of STAS).
  • Have a valid passport
  • Meet our general criteria for sailing onboard

The grant is handed out by STAS (Sail Training Association of Sweden).

How to apply:
Write your name, age and a short motivation as to why you should get the grant and send it to  

Since we only have four grants to hand out, don't wait to apply! 

Spread the word to anyone who might be interested – we're looking forward to reading the applications! 

Navigating the Channel – Jersey to Rotterdam

Leaving the Channel Islands behind, this sailing leg will offer a beautiful stretch of sailing with nine days at sea. Going through the narrow English Channel, which is one of the world’s busiest waters, will mean exciting night navigation and a busy time for whoever is keeping watch at the bowsprit or standing at the helm.  

The stopover at the end of this sailing leg will take us to one of the largest ports in the world, also known for its modern architecture and design – Rotterdam.

Don’t miss out on a channel adventure!

Total number of days: 13 days
Days at sea: 9 days
Days in port: 4 days

Sign on: Jersey, Monday 1 May 2023
Sign off: Rotterdam, Saturday 13 May 2023

Price: €990 (around €770 with grant)

The North Sea Spring Adventure – Rotterdam to Hamburg

During this sailing leg you will not only experience North Sea sailing in some of the busiest waters in Europe, but also the exciting hustle and bustle of going out of Rotterdam, one of the world’s largest ports. Even though this is one of the shortest sailing legs this year, we aim to follow weather and wind for some great sailing.

This sailing leg is perfect for anyone who only has time for a shorter sailing adventure.

Head out with us on a great spring sail!

Total number of days: 10 days
Days at sea: 5 days
Days in port: 5 days

Sign on: Rotterdam, Saturday 13 May 2023
Sign off: Hamburg, Monday 22 May 2023

Price: €690 (around €470 with grant)

Life on board

There are around fifty deckhands and twenty-five professional crew members on board Götheborg. The deckhand crew consists of a mix of people from all age groups, geographical origins, level of experience and interests. Everyone contributes in their own way with their unique life experience from professional and private life, whether you have sailing experience or not.

Götheborg is arriving to Gothenburg

01 June 2023

Tomorrow, 2 June at 15:00, we will arrive in Gothenburg to officially open the 400-year jubilee with gun salute. Come and welcome us home!! We would of course love to have some company on the water coming into Gothenburg, and welcome boats to join us! Already today, the 1st of June, you will be able to see us in the Gothenburg archipelago. 

Meet the owner of Götheborg of Sweden

29 May 2023

Meet the owner and a big heart behind Götheborg of Sweden, the world’s largest ocean-going wooden sailing ship. It was a purchase decision that came from the heart, rather than from rational business thinking, says Stefan Björk, founder and owner of Greencarrier Group and Götheborg of Sweden.

Hamburg – an important portstop for Greencarrier

24 May 2023

Hamburg was specifically chosen as a key stopover for Götheborg as Greencarrier (our owner) opened new offices in Hamburg in April. On Monday, we were very pleased to welcome especially invited customers, partners and friends of Greencarrier Group on board.