Götheborg of Sweden is the world's largest ocean-going wooden sailing ship, an 18th century replica of the original Götheborg that sank outside of Gothenburg in 1745, and will create great attention wherever she goes. We are now on expedition, sailing in Europe in both 2022 and 2023. Read our latest news here and scroll down to the bottom of this page to sign up for our newsletter.

The ship Götheborg uses biofuels to reduce environmental and climate impact

01 September 2021

When sailing to Stockholm, and back to Gothenburg, the ship Götheborg uses RME biodiesel, made from rapeseed oil, instead of marine diesel in two of its four fuel tanks. The initiative is part of a bigger sustainability commitment to minimise the ship’s environmental impact and promote solutions for a more sustainable world.

Götheborg has arrived in Stockholm

27 August 2021

Yesterday afternoon the ship Götheborg made an impressive entrance to Stockholm. Despite cold and rainy weather, she received a very warm welcome from the people gathered at Skeppsbrokajen. The ship will stay in Stockholm until 4 September. 

Götheborg is coming to Stockholm tomorrow!

25 August 2021

Tomorrow, 26 August, at 4pm the ship Götheborg will arrive at Skeppsbrokajen in Stockholm. We will leave Sandhamn about 8.30 and the route is via Kanholmsfjärden and Oxdjupet.

Visit the ship in Stockholm

19 August 2021

We are open to visitors in Stockholm Friday to Sunday, 27-29 August 2021. Take the chance to board a unique 18th century replica, see how history meets the present, enjoy the scent of tar and ask our deckhands and guides what it is like to sail on board.

Follow the ship in real time

17 August 2021

We're really excited about the great interest in Götheborg! We get a lot of questions about the route and where she can be seen while sailing to Stockholm. The route is not set, and will be dependent on weather and wind, as the purpose for sailing is to test the ship. However, it's possible to follow the ship on the link in the post and see her current position.

Sailing from Gothenburg at 4pm

16 August 2021

Today at 4pm (16:00), the ship Götheborg leaves quay in Gothenburg to sail to Stockholm. The ship will fire a gun salute about ten minutes after leaving quay. It’s the first time in six years that the ship is sailing, and the first step on the large expedition to Asia that the ship will go on in 2022.  

Götheborg of Sweden’s departure is delayed until Monday

14 August 2021

The ship Götheborg, that was set to leave for Stockholm tomorrow, 15 August, will be pushed back one day, to Monday 16 August. During the day on Saturday, the spritsail yard under the bowsprit, broke on the ship Götheborg. Work is now under way to replace the yard with a spare yard.

The ship Götheborg of Sweden sails to Stockholm

13 August 2021

Sunday, 15 August 2021, 2 pm, the ship Götheborg will leave Gothenburg and sail towards Stockholm. It’s the first time in six years that the ship is sailing, and the starting point for the major journey to Asia that the ship will make next year, in 2022. The mission for the journey is to strengthen Swedish-Asian trade relations, and promote the need for sustainable solutions and innovations to create a better future.

Expo East Indiaman Götheborg 2.0

01 June 2021

Götheborg of Sweden is open for visitors every day throughout the summer! For the first time, you are given the opportunity to gain a deeper insight into the maintenance work on land when we open up the Ships Workshop! Also, visit our new pop-up store, explore a historic exhibition in our Ships Hall and get a guided tour on board the ship.

Götheborg of Sweden is heading to Stockholm on her way to Asia

06 April 2021

Yes! Götheborg of Sweden is getting ready for the expedition to Asia in 2022. We are pleased to announce a leg to Stockholm in August 2021. The stop-over in the capital city will be a showcase of future possibilities for Swedish companies that are looking for new business opportunities in East Asia.

Meet our new colleague, Anna Holmedahl White

05 March 2021

Meet our new colleague, Anna Holmdahl White, responsible for partner sales. She has an extensive background in sailing and is the brains and driving force behind the world’s premier female sailing event, Lysekil Women’s Match. We're excited to welcome her as Partner Director for the Asia 2022 expedition.  

Greencarrier takes over ownership of the Götheborg of Sweden

15 February 2021

Greencarrier ensures that Götheborg of Sweden sails on Greencarrier AB has acquired all shares in Svenska Ostindiska Companiet AB - SOIC AB - from foundation Ostindiefararen Götheborg. Greencarrier AB thereby also takes over the ownership and responsibility for Götheborg of Sweden