Asia Expedition 2022/2023

We've arrived in Malaga

Today, at 10:30 am, we arrived to the city of Malaga, the beautiful city in the south of Spain. We were happy to be greeted with fantastic weather and many interested reporters. We are so excited for our stay here. 

We've arrived in Malaga

Photo: Joel Engberg

The ship is open to visitors on Thursday until Monday (15 and 19 September), and we are looking forward to welcoming visitors on board. Come and experience the atmosphere of an 18th century ship, and hear about the adventures of the past sailing leg from Lisbon. 

We will be in Malaga 15-20 September.
Departure from Malaga is at 11.00 on the 20th of September.

Next stop after Malaga is Nice, where we arrive 29th of September.

For anyone looking for a last minute adventure, we can still squeeze some deckhands into this sailing leg. The only requirement is that you are over 18 and can climb the rig on the ship. Sailing on board Götheborg is a unique adventure, so don't miss out. We hope to see you on board! 

Visit us in Barcelona until March 2023

07 November 2022

On October 27, Götheborg of Sweden arrived to Barcelona and moored at one of the top locations in the city harbour: Port Vell/Rambla de Mar. The first weekend in Barcelona was the official stopover, with full crew, and the ship fully rigged. We want to thank Barcelona for the very warm welcome!