Asia Expedition 2022/2023

EKN and Vinnova join Götheborg as partners

Today, we are proud to announce that two great stakeholders in Swedish export and innovation, EKN and Vinnova, have partnered with Götheborg to promote Swedish export. They will use the ship as a platform to promote both trade and a message of sustainable innovations, and we look forward to providing a platform where their relevant markets are.


EKN and Vinnova join Götheborg as partners

The Swedish Export and Credit Agency (EKN), is commissioned by the Swedish government to promote Swedish business abroad, by insuring export companies and banks against the risk of non-payment in export transactions. This Asia Expedition 2022/2023 will create unique meeting places across the world for Swedish businesses, and EKN is partnering to offer attractive financing solutions and promoting Swedish exports.

Vinnova will focus on promoting Swedish innovation in Asia and India foremost, primarily driving the message of sustainable solutions to create a better future. As Sweden’s innovation agency, Vinnova works to enhance their collaboration with India and the blossoming innovative market there. 

During the 2022 part of the Asia Expedition, EKN will focus on the stopover in London. Vinnova will join as partner to an event hosted by Götheborg of Sweden and Dagens Industri, to be held on the departure day from Gothenburg, 8 June 2022. The event will focus on new business opportunities for Swedish companies, and how innovation and sustainability are key to the growth of Swedish companies in international markets.

We're really pleased to have these two great stakeholders on board to Asia. Welcome!

Opening hours in February

02 February 2023

In February and the first week of March we are open on Saturdays. We offer guided tours in English with one of our crew members. Please make sure to prebook your tickets online to save your spot! 

Sail for free on board Götheborg

26 January 2023

We now offer a unique opportunity to sail for free on board the Götheborg during the first six weeks of this year’s sailing adventure. Sign on in Barcelona mid-March and sign off in the Brittany/Normandie area right at the end of April. This is a bucket list sailing adventure that you don’t want to miss!

First stopover: Sète, France

26 January 2023

The first stopover on the European Tour 2023 will be beautiful Sète in the south of France. Between 24–27 March will be moored at Quai d'Alger at the heart of Sète. With the release of the first sailing destination of the European Tour 2023, the first and last stopover are now official.