European Tour 2023

Sail with us! First three sailing legs announced

We have now released the first three sailing legs of the European Tour 2023. Sail with us from Barcelona to Sète in southern France, from Sète to Gibraltar, or the really long sailing leg across the Bay of Biscay, 18 days at sea between Gibraltar and Jersey, British Isles. Apply now to join us on a once-in-a-lifetime sailing adventure!  

Sail with us! First three sailing legs announced

Photo: Dan Norrå

Sailing leg 1:

Springtime Passage – Barcelona to Sète

This first sailing leg of the European Tour 2023 is the perfect opportunity for the tallship rookie who wants to experience a short sailing adventure of only a few days. It includes the preparations on board and rigging up before heading out from Barcelona in Spain, and a typical portstop with visitors on board in Sète in southern France.

It’s ideal for you who want to compress the experience of sailing on board into a shorter time frame, and a trial run.

Sail into spring in the Mediterranean!


Sailing leg 2:

Heading for the straights – Sète to Gibraltar

On the second sailing leg this year, we head towards the straights of Gibraltar. It's unfortunately not within our power to control the weather, but with a full nine days of sailing along the Spanish coast, we can almost promise excellent sailing in different weather conditions, as well as very good chances marine wildlife spotting of dolphins or whales.

The destination for this sailing leg is Gibraltar, with its iconic rock and the unique view of two continents from the same spot.

Join us as we head south! 


Sailing leg 3:

Bay of Biscay 2.0 – Gibraltar to Jersey

Last year when we sailed across the Bay of Biscay, we had sunny weather and calm seas. However, this route is maybe more likely to offer both wind and waves for proper, adventurous sailing. This is also why it’s on the bucket list for many sailors.

This three-week adventure through the Straights of Gibraltar, along the coast of Portugal and across the Bay of Biscay is for you who want to experience a real sailing adventure and the true experience of this amazing ship. Like the original 1700’s Swedish East India Company ships, Götheborg is built to sail big oceans, and this sailing leg offers the biggest ocean that we will sail this season.

Sign up for a real North Atlantic adventure on board Götheborg and let’s see how she sails!

The six week Bucket list sailing adventure

We have previously announced the opportunity to sail along for free the full first six weeks of the European Tour 2023. The reasons for this was that we need a full crew, where the majority have gained some sailing experience, to sail across the Bay of Biscay. 

We had several hundreds of applicants for this sailing period. Even though we would have loved to invite everyone on board, we only had a limited number of spaces for this, and these spaces have almost been filled.

With the release of the three separate sailing legs it is now possible to sail as a paying deckhand and join just one sailing leg. This will suite anyone who is not able to join a full six weeks of sailing, or for those who did not get a place on board the longer sail, to still join a shorter period. However, please note that whereas the first offer of the full six weeks was to sail for free, the separate sailing legs are not. Instead you apply to join as a paying deckhand.    

Welcome on board!

Tickets sales for Gibraltar stopover now open

16 March 2023

Ticket sales for the Gibraltar stopover in April is now open. Götheborg will be moored at Mid Harbour Marina 6–10 April. Book your tickets online now to save your space on board! Subject to availability tickets are also sold on site at the ship.

Last chance to visit the ship in Barcelona

15 March 2023

This weekend (18–19 March) will be our last in Barcelona. Monday 20 March at 10:00 we head out after nearly five months in this beautiful city. As this is the last chance to visit the ship in Barcelona, don't miss out! We're open Saturday and Sunday, and the ship will have full crew and of course look her best.  

2500 SEK grant for people 18–25 years old

13 March 2023

Are you 18–25 and want to sail with us? This is a great opportunity to get part of the payment payed by a grant! STAS (Sail Training Association of Sweden) has decided to give a grant of 2500 SEK each to four people 18–25 years of age. With only four grants to hand out, don't hesitate to apply!