Expedition 2023

Götheborg of Sweden will sail to Gothenburg for the 400-year jubilee

Götheborg of Sweden will play an important role in the celebration of the city of Gothenburg’s 400-year anniversary in June 2023. The ship, currently moored in Barcelona, will therefore head for Gothenburg at the end of March/beginning of April.

Götheborg of Sweden will sail to Gothenburg for the 400-year jubilee

Photo: Street Studios

“ The Swedish East India Company and its ships played a central role in the development and history of the city of Gothenburg. It is therefore natural that our ship Götheborg joins in the celebrations of this anniversary. The ship Götheborg of Sweden is a symbol of the era that laid the foundation of what Gothenburg is today”, says the board of Rederi Götheborg in a statement. “We are therefore delighted to play an important role in the great celebrations.”

Last year, the ship Götheborg carried out a very successful expedition across Europe, visiting ports in Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Malta, Monaco, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, and United Kingdom. More than 50,000 people visited the ship and had the opportunity to learn more about Swedish ship history, as well as improve their knowledge about the city of Gothenburg and Sweden. In addition, close to 500 people experienced what it is like sailing on an 18th century ship while sailing as deckhands between the various ports. Götheborg received extensive media coverage at all the different port stops.    

A number of port stops will be made this year as well, on our way sailing from Barcelona to Gothenburg. Negotiations regarding which ports will be visited are currently underway.

After the celebration of Gothenburg's 400-year anniversary, the ship will undergo thorough inspection and maintenance. This year marks 20 years since Götheborg was launched and a thorough review of the ship's condition is necessary, as the ongoing maintenance has become more and more extensive. The best place for such work is Gothenburg.

A consequence of the longer standstill for Götheborg after arriving to Gothenburg, is that the number of employees at Rederi Götheborg AB will gradually be reduced due to lack of work.

Tickets sales for Gibraltar stopover now open

16 March 2023

Ticket sales for the Gibraltar stopover in April is now open. Götheborg will be moored at Mid Harbour Marina 6–10 April. Book your tickets online now to save your space on board! Subject to availability tickets are also sold on site at the ship.

Last chance to visit the ship in Barcelona

15 March 2023

This weekend (18–19 March) will be our last in Barcelona. Monday 20 March at 10:00 we head out after nearly five months in this beautiful city. As this is the last chance to visit the ship in Barcelona, don't miss out! We're open Saturday and Sunday, and the ship will have full crew and of course look her best.  

2500 SEK grant for people 18–25 years old

13 March 2023

Are you 18–25 and want to sail with us? This is a great opportunity to get part of the payment payed by a grant! STAS (Sail Training Association of Sweden) has decided to give a grant of 2500 SEK each to four people 18–25 years of age. With only four grants to hand out, don't hesitate to apply!