Hamburg – an important portstop for Greencarrier

Hamburg was specifically chosen as a key stopover for the ship as Greencarrier (our owner) opened new offices in Hamburg in April.

Hamburg – an important portstop for Greencarrier

Photos: Linda Åkerberg.

Gateway for the Nordics

Thank you for these days Hamburg! We had such a great time and are touched by all the engagement from the visitors and people stopping by the quay to ask questions and take photos.

On Monday, we were very pleased to welcome especially invited customers, partners and friends of  Greencarrier Group on board our ship Götheborg of Sweden, when she’s visited Hamburg. Thank you everyone for attending, it was lovely having you on board! 

"Hamburg has a strategic location in the logistics industry, and will function as our gateway for the Nordics, as well as facilitating services for other markets in Europe. To us it was very important to include Hamburg as one of the stopovers on the European Tour, to invite customers, partners and the citizens of Hamburg on board. The Götheborg is a unique symbol for trade, that embodies that anything is possible", said Stefan Björk, owner of Greencarrier Group. Hamburg is the last stopover before Götheborg heads home to its home port Gothenburg to join the celebrations of the city's 400-year jubilee next week. 

Götheborg is arriving to Gothenburg

01 June 2023

Tomorrow, 2 June at 15:00, we will arrive in Gothenburg to officially open the 400-year jubilee with gun salute. Come and welcome us home!! We would of course love to have some company on the water coming into Gothenburg, and welcome boats to join us! Already today, the 1st of June, you will be able to see us in the Gothenburg archipelago. 

Meet the owner of Götheborg of Sweden

29 May 2023

Meet the owner and a big heart behind Götheborg of Sweden, the world’s largest ocean-going wooden sailing ship. It was a purchase decision that came from the heart, rather than from rational business thinking, says Stefan Björk, founder and owner of Greencarrier Group and Götheborg of Sweden.

Götheborg is arriving to Hamburg on Friday

16 May 2023

Götheborg will arrive in Hamburg this Friday, the 19th of May, at 17:30. Coming into Hamburg, the city with be greeted with gun salute, so don't miss the arrival! Hamburg was especially selected as a key stopover on the European Tour, as the ship’s owner, the Swedish based logistics company Greencarrier Group, recently opened up new offices for Greencarrier Consolidators in Hamburg.