Summer 2023

Visit us in Gothenburg during summer 2023

As part of the city of Gothenburg's 400-year jubilee, Götheborg of Sweden is open to visitors in Eriksberg, Gothenburg, during summer 2023. We're open every day until the 20th of August, and after that on the 26th of August and 2–3 of September. Come for a guided tour on board the world's largest ocean-going wooden sailing ship!

Visit us in Gothenburg during summer 2023

Since the beginning of June, Götheborg of Sweden is in Gothenburg as part of the city's 400-year jubilee. The ship returned to Gothenburg to officially open the jubilee with gun salute on the 2nd of June. The first days back in Gothenburg, the ship participated in the Jubilee Festival in Frihamnen, before returning to it's home quay in Eriksberg. 

During summer 2023, we are offering guided tours on board the ship. A guide, who has also sailed with us before, will take you around the ship and talk about the history of the ship, the Swedish East India Company, and what it is like to sail an 18th century ship today. Next to the ship we have also opened up our workshop to visitors, and there is an interesting historical exhibition. 

We're open 11:00–17:00 every day, with the last guided tour leaving at 16:00. Tours are in Swedish, but twice a day at 12:00 and 15:00 we offer guided tours in English. 

Welcome on board and come prepared with all your questions!

Maintenance volunteers

24 November 2023

Are you interested in volunteering at Götheborg during our maintenance period? We are now looking for a few volunteers who have sailed with us recently and are willing to stay with us for 6-8 weeks. 

Tar weekend coming up!

20 September 2023

Summer is over and the maintenance of our beloved ship is in need of some extra pair of hands! If you have time to spend, and love the dark and musky fragrance of tar?

Open on weekends in September 2023

01 September 2023

Good news! We will extend the period that we are open to visitors in Eriksberg, Gothenburg. All through September 2023, we will stay open for guided tours on weekends. Opening hours will be 11:00–16:00 and tours will leave once an hour. Welcome on board the world's largest ocean-going wooden sailing ship!