Partner with us

The trade expeditions carried out by the Swedish East India Company in the 18th and 19th centuries are an important part of Swedish history. Now we’re doing it all over again. Will you join us?

The right strategic partners

With our minds set on increased business opportunities for Swedish companies, we are now looking for the right strategic partners. Our 2022 expedition will make an impact on important, growing markets, to the benefit of all the partners on board.

A one-off context

The expedition provides surroundings that go way beyond unique! Let your innovations, products and services be seen in a one-off context with other strong Swedish brands and companies. Götheborg and its strategic partners all share a story here, as well as a mission. Being associated with the Swedish Ship Götheborg means strengthening your brand, reaching out to followers, making employees proud and becoming an attractive employer.

A network full of opportunities

The stopovers will be outstanding! We always work closely with the most prominent local Swedish organizations to guarantee events where you’ll meet plenty of political and industrial decision-makers, officials, and key stakeholders – allowing you to create numerous new business opportunities.


The Swedish Ship Götheborg provides an unforgettable atmosphere to meet clients, suppliers, and employees. Stepping on board Götheborg is to travel in time. You are stepping right into a historical setting – to discuss future collaborations.


Become a part of Götheborg and the expedition! We won't be on our way until April 2022, but both the ship and the expedition are already highly interesting. We encourage our partners to start sharing content in their own channels right away. Once we leave the port, there will be things happening on and around the ship every day. And each time Götheborg arrives in a harbour, there will be local festivities, an exhibition and lots of people.


Anna Holmdahl White

Partner Director

Peter Alexandersson

CEO, SOIC Ship Management AB