Greencarrier takes over the ownership of the ship Götheborg of Sweden

Greencarrier ensures that Götheborg of Sweden sails on Greencarrier AB has acquired all shares in Svenska Ostindiska Companiet AB - SOIC AB - from foundation Ostindiefararen Götheborg. Greencarrier AB thereby also takes over the ownership and responsibility for Götheborg of Sweden.

Greencarrier takes over the ownership of the ship Götheborg of Sweden

The purpose of the acquisition is twofold, partly to ensure future voyages for example Asia and China and partly to create further opportunities for trade with Asia.

“The ship fits well into the Greencarrier group and the values we represent. We see the ship as an excellent platform to promote Swedish business and culture, which is something we as a company want to contribute to, but also enable increased focus on important sustainability issues such as UN Sustainability Goal #14, Life below Water” says Stefan Björk, owner and Chairman of Greencarrier AB.

The acquisition will also enable the expansion of Greencarrier business portfolio. Greencarrier is today a logistics company with a global focus and with a strong representation in China. “With the acquisition, we are broadening our portfolio to also include trading operations with Asia. The SOIC brand gives us a natural and good foundation to build trade around,” says Johan Jemdahl, CEO of Greencarrier AB.

Götheborg of Sweden does her best when she sails, and it is in accordance with the foundation's purpose. The costs of doing this are too high for the Foundation to be able to handle. We have been looking for a solution for a long time and feel great confidence and gratitude for Greencarrier who is now embarking on this adventure. With this agreement, the ship can continue to fulfil an important function and be involved in marketing Gothenburg, western Sweden and Sweden abroad.” says Claes G Berglund, chairman of the Foundation Ostindiefararen Götheborg.

The ambitions are to be able to carry out limited sailings during 2021, given that conditions allow, and to carry out sailings to Asia and China in 2022. The departure to China is planned for April and will go via a number of stops in the Mediterranean, the Suez Canal, India and several more port stops in the far east before arriving in China. The exact journey is under planning. New for this trip is that the ship will be able to host a limited number of passengers in this unique sailing. Negotiations with the various ports and interested partners have now the highest priority and the recruitment of crew will begin during the year. Arrival in China is scheduled for October 2022.

Greencarrier acquired SOIC Ship Management AB in the autumn of 2019. The company is responsible for the well-being of the ship and has since invested significant amounts of time and money in securing the ship's seaworthiness and sailing ability. The Swedish Ship Götheborg is now in very good condition and is ready to set sail.

SOIC Ship Management AB has further signed partnership agreements with Stena AB, Business Region Gothenburg, the Port of Gothenburg and Gothenburg & Co. The four companies have thus secured the opportunity to use the ship in their marketing. The main partner is Greencarrier AB. 2 (2) SOIC ABs board of directors consists of Stefan Björk (Chairman), Johan Jemdahl, Lars G Malmer and Josefine Widegren.

For further information, please contact:
Peter Alexandersson CEO, SOIC Ship Management AB
+46 70 393 07 60
[email protected]

About Greencarrier

Greencarrier is one of the Nordic countries largest privately owned logistics companies. We are located in 11 countries worldwide and offer global logistics solutions with all modes of transport, focusing on knowledge, innovation and sustainable solutions. We work with sustainability in the four areas environment, employees, business and society. We like challenges, and our attitude is: Yes, it's possible!

Götheborg of Sweden is the world’s largest active, ocean-going, wooden sailing ship and a unique replica of an 18th century Swedish East India Company ship that sank outside of Gothenburg in 1745. Today, the ship, as a symbol for trade and innovation, is used as a unique platform to promote trade relations and create business opportunities. It is also a popular visitor destination. The ship Götheborg is owned by SOIC. SOIC is a fully owned subsidiary of Greencarrier Group, a family-owned company with over 40 years of history specializing in logistics solutions.

The ship Götheborg of Sweden heads out – Start of the great Asia Expedition 2022/2023

08 June 2022

Today at 3:30 pm, the ship Götheborg of Sweden leaves her home harbour Gothenburg and heads out on the great Asia Expedition 2022/2023. The ship will sail in the Baltic Sea and Northern Europe before heading south towards the Mediterranean. Along the way, she will visit a number of ports and take on hundreds of deckhands who sail along for the adventure and experience.

Götheborg of Sweden will sail to Lisbon, Portugal for the first time

04 May 2022

Götheborg of Sweden today announced that the ship will sail to Lisbon as part of its two-year long Asia Expedition 2022/2023. It is the first time that the ship visits Portugal and Lisbon. Götheborg will be in Lisbon 5–8 September and will be moored at the central location of Cais Rocha Conde de Óbidos.

Final two stops in Northern Europe: Copenhagen and Oslo

12 April 2022

Copenhagen and Oslo are the last two stops in the Nordic countries on the Asia Expedition 2022/2023. It is the first time that the ship visits Copenhagen. At the same time, three more sailing legs are also released, which means that the whole Northern European part of the Asia Expedition 2022/2023 is official.