The ship Götheborg uses biofuels to reduce environmental and climate impact

When sailing to Stockholm, and back to Gothenburg, the ship Götheborg uses RME biodiesel instead of marine diesel in two of its four fuel tanks. The initiative is part of a bigger sustainability commitment to minimise the ship’s environmental impact and promote solutions for a more sustainable world.

The ship Götheborg uses biofuels to reduce environmental and climate impact

Despite being a sailing ship, Götheborg needs generators to run all systems on board, and engines for situations when the ship cannot sail or when engines are needed in addition to the sails.

”As part of our commitment to minimise our environmental impact, we are now doing a trial with biofuels”, said Peter Alexandersson, CEO of SOIC Ship Management. “ We want to show that it works and that there are considerable environmental gains to be made from using renewable fuels. To slow down global warming, the reduction of CO2 emissions is the biggest challenge that we face, and this is a way for us to take concrete action. Sustainability is a key focus for both us and our expedition to Asia in 2022.”

The ship Götheborg’s engines are from the early 2000s and SOIC Ship Management has worked to find a solution with renewable fuel for minimal climate impact, without having to replace the engines. As a result, the RME fuel Verdis Polaris Marina from Adesso Bioproducts is now being used during the journey to and from Stockholm.

”The marine segment is a market that is still very early in the transition to fuels with a lower climate impact”, said Lars Lind, CEO at Adesso Bioproducts. “ We believe that liquid biofuels play an important role in this transition, as it will still take many years before extensive use of electric engines become a reality. In the meantime, biofuels have an instant positive effect on emission levels. We are very pleased that the ship Götheborg has chosen our product as part of their sustainability efforts, and we see them as a powerful symbol for a growing insight that the marine sector needs to take responsibility for their climate footprint.”

On an average day while sailing, the ship uses around 1.6 cubic meters of fuel. For safety reasons during the trial of the RME biofuels, conventional marine diesel is used in half of the fuel tanks on board the ship.

“ Götheborg has made a brave decision that demonstrates a power action to reduce their climate impact now”, said Victor Norberg at 2050 Consulting, sustainability advisor to Götheborg. “When using biofuels in all fuel tanks, the ship can reduce her emissions with more than 60 percent, compared with using conventional marine diesel. The international shipping industry today accounts for about 2 percent of the global climate emissions. By simply requesting alternative fuels for the upcoming Asian expedition, Götheborg sends a clear statement that there is a demand for sustainable marine fuels.”

The ship Götheborg of Sweden

Götheborg of Sweden is the world’s largest active wooden ship and a unique replica of an 18th century Swedish East India Company ship that sank outside of Gothenburg in 1745. The ship is today used as a platform to promote trade and sustainable innovations for a better future. It is also a popular visitor destination. The ship Götheborg is operated by SOIC Ship Management, which is owned by Greencarrier AB, one of the Nordic’s largest, privately owned logistics companies.

Adesso Bioproducts

Adesso BioProducts is part of the Adesso group, a Swedish entrepreneurial company. Our heritage comes from Swedish innovative chemistry and is built on more than 130 years of experience from biobased chemicals and renewable biofuels. Adesso BioProducts is specialised in biofuels for the Scandinavian market. We offer biofuels that completely replace or can be mixed with fossil fuels in diesel driven vehicles, as well as heating oil. Adesso Bioproducts have extensive experience of biofuels for road transports and are now working to further develop their marine segment.


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Götheborg of Sweden is the world’s largest ocean-going wooden sailing ship and a unique replica of an 18th century Swedish East India Company ship that sank outside of Gothenburg in 1745. Today, the ship operates with paying deckhands who sail on board to sail along between ports and learn how to sail an 18th century ship. In ports, it is also a popular visitor destination. The ship Götheborg is owned SOIC AB and operated by Rederi Götheborg AB. Both SOIC AB and Rederi Götheborg AB are fully owned subsidiaries of Greencarrier Group, a family-owned company with over 40 years of history specialising in logistics solutions.

Imorgon skjuter ostindiefararen Götheborg startskottet för Göteborgs 400-årsjubileum

01 June 2023

Imorgon, den 2 juni kl. 15.00 har ostindiefararen Götheborg fått hedersuppdraget att skjuta det officiella startskottet för hela Göteborgs 400-årsjubileum. Ostindiefararen anländer till Göteborg efter att ha seglat i Europa under 2022 och 2023. Vid inseglingen kommer skeppet att skjuta salut vid ytterligare två tillfällen, vid Nya Älvsborgs Fästning samt Oscar II Fort, vilken kommer att besvaras från land vid båda tillfällena, från fästningen samt från Göthiska Batteriet.

Der größte hochseetaugliche Holzsegler der Welt besucht Hamburg

16 May 2023

Die „Götheborg of Sweden“, das größte hochseetaugliche Holzsegelschiff der Welt, wird am 19. Mai 2023 um 17:30 Uhr in Hamburg erwartet – zum ersten Mal überhaupt. Die Hansestadt ist eine wichtige Station auf der Europa-Tournee des historischen Seglers, denn erst im April hat die schwedische Schiffseignerin Greencarrier Group hier ein neues Büro eröffnet. Vor Anker geht die „Götheborg of Sweden“ an der Überseebrücke und lädt am 20., 21. und 23. Mai zu Schiffsbesichtigungen ein.

Götheborg of Sweden will open the city of Gothenburg’s 400-year jubilee with gun salute

02 March 2023

Götheborg of Sweden will officially open the city of Gothenburg’s great 400-year jubilee on the 2nd of June 2023 by greeting the city with a gun salute. As previously announced, the ship will sail to Gothenburg for the jubilee. Today it was announced that the ship will open the festivities with gun salute and join Gothenburg’s Anniversary Festival in Frihamnen in Gothenburg.