Bremerhaven 17 – 21 August, 2022

In Bremerhaven, the ship will be the center of attention at Bremerhaven Maritime Days with over 350,000 visitors and 80 different ships, an event that attracts sailing enthusiasts and professional sailers from all over the world. 

As part of the Maritime Days, coming on board the Götheborg is free of charge during this stopover. Please check our opening times below.

We were scheduled to leave Bremerhaven at 18:00, 21 August, but have changed departure time to 07:15 in the morning, 22 August instead, due to weather conditions. 

Opening hours in Bremerhaven

  • 17 August: Open 17:00 – 20:00 (last entry at 19:15)
  • 18 August: Open 11:00 – 14:00 (last entry at 13:15)
  • 19 August: Open 11:00 – 20:00 (last entry at 19:15)
  • 20 August: Open 11:00 – 15:00 (last entry at 14:14)
  • 21 August: Open 11:00 – 16:00 (last entry at 15:15)

We have station guiding on board. The ship deckhands are stationed throughout the ship to answer questions in Swedish and English. We will have a few German speaking deckhands guiding on board as well.  

The visit takes about an hour. 

Welcome on board!

On board Götheborg you will visit the beautiful weather deck with the helm, capstan and ship’s bell. Sundeck offers great views of the ship and masts, and down on gun deck there are ten impressive cannons. Don’t miss the two pieces from the original ship, one piece by the historical cupboard with porcelain and chalk pipes on gun deck, and the other one recessed into the helm.

We have station guiding on board when in port. That means that you follow a marked route around the ship and the ship’s deckhands are stationed in different places around the ship, ready to tell you about the ship, sailing on board and the great Asia Expedition. Come prepared with all your questions!

Shop and Exhibition

Next to the ship you will find our shop where you can buy souvenirs from your visit, as well as an exhibition about the history of the original Götheborg, the building of the replica and the current expedition. Welcome!

Visit the Maritime Days

During our stopover in Bremerhaven, the Götheborg will be part of the Maritime Days, together with another 80 ships from all around the world. Read more about the festival on the link below. 

Where to find us

Götheborg of Sweden will be moored at Neuer Haven in Bremerhaven. Closest streets address is Barkhausenstraße 6​, Bremerhaven. Come and see us from the quayside or visit us during our opening hours. Welcome!

Approximate coordinates: 53.547799, 8.571023

+46 31-779 34 50

[email protected]

Sail with us from Bremerhaven

You can be part of the unique adventure of sailing as a deckhand on board Götheborg. You will experience life on board a 18th century ship and make friends for life. As a deckhand you sail together with the professional crew, are not required to have any sailing experience and will get training on board. Read more about the sailing leg with us from Bremerhaven to Lisbon below. 

Interested in other sailing legs this year, check out Sail with us and available sailing legs on our website.

Sailing leg eight

The Biscayan Adventure

Are you ready for a southbound voyage?

Sail with us from Bremerhaven to Lisbon as a deckhand! This will be the longest passage of all our European legs – and easily the toughest one, too. Naming it the Biscayan Adventure is no exaggeration, for adventurous it will be, just as it will be fun and include some really great sailing.

Sailing here is on many people’s bucket lists. Is it on yours? Signing up for this leg will give you a most varied experience of challenging sailing, beautiful summer days on the Atlantic, and ocean wildlife spotting.

Latest news

Visit us in Barcelona until March 2023

07 November 2022

On October 27, Götheborg of Sweden arrived to Barcelona and moored at one of the top locations in the city harbour: Port Vell/Rambla de Mar. The first weekend in Barcelona was the official stopover, with full crew, and the ship fully rigged. We want to thank Barcelona for the very warm welcome!