An eventful 18th-century voyage

Join us on an eventful voyage from the 18th century through our popular lectures that may be booked by both companies and large groups. We offer four different thrilling lectures.

Lectures can be held at Pier 4, Eriksberg, or at a venue of your choice. They are offered in both Swedish and English.

How people dress onboard the ship

This lecture is an inspiring tale about the creation of the historic era clothes worn on the ship. The lecture is held by our personal tailor, Gert Alenhall.

Powder and silk

This lecture includes a cavalcade from the 18th-century art world, where the rococo was flourishing and influences from China were strong – all captured by Swedish artist Alexander Roslin (1718-1793), the French royal family’s court painter. Meet Alexander and his work in this fascinating lecture.

A deckhand’s tails of life onboard

The ship’s deckhands are a varied troop of enthusiastic, adventure-loving people. Hear one of them talk about their signing on, the first climb up the rigging, what it is like to be woken up in the middle of the night for yet another shift, and the pure joy of standing on the mainmast seeing the ship rush through the water under sail.

The East Indiaman – an adventure

Who initiated the funding of the Swedish East India Company in 1731? How many voyages were completed and what was brought back to Sweden? Did the trade go well? Why, then, were the books burnt after every voyage? Is it true that botanist Linnaeus was aboard one of the voyages? And did he find what he was looking for?

Modern-day Gothenburg still bears footprints from the company’s operations back in the 18th century – and seven years ago the long voyage to China was undertaken once again. This lecture provides greater insight into the operations during the 18th century and their impact on today’s Gothenburg.

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Cecilia Bothorp

Event Manager

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