Helsingborg 14 – 17 June, 2022

Helsingborg and H22 City Expo is the very first stopover on the great Asia Expedition 2022/2023. Götheborg of Sweden is moored at the City Quay (Helsingörskajen), a prime location at the heart of Helsingborg, and is open to the public during its stay in Helsingborg.

Departure from Helsingborg is at 16:00 on the 17th of June. 

Come visit us!

Visit the ship

Come on board the Götheborg! Learn about the history of the East India Companies and the adventures of the original Götheborg that sailed three times to Asia. Hear modern tales of sailing an 18th century ship, and about the exciting expedition to Asia. Feel the authentic atmosphere, including the smell of tar, and listen to everything from captivating stories, to the tremendous art of shipbuilding.

Opening hours in Helsingborg

15 June: Open 10:30–17:30
16 June: Open 10:30–17:30

(Please observe that the last time slot to go on board is 16:30)

We have station guiding on board. The ship deckhands are stationed throughout the ship to answer questions in Swedish and English. 

The visit takes about an hour. 

Tickets & prices

Adults: 150 SEK
Children 7-16 years: 70 SEK
Children 0-6 years: Free of charge

You can buy your tickets online. Subject to availability, tickets can also be bought on-site. Please note, we are cash-free. You can pay by card or via Swish.

Welcome on board!

On board Götheborg you will visit the beautiful weather deck with the helm, capstan and ship’s bell. Sundeck offers great views of the ship and masts, and down on gun deck there are ten impressive cannons. Don’t miss the two pieces from the original ship, one piece by the historical cupboard with porcelain and chalk pipes on gun deck, and the other one recessed into the helm.

We have station guiding on board when in port. That means that you follow a marked route around the ship and the ship’s deckhands are stationed in different places around the ship, ready to tell you about the ship, sailing on board and the great Asia Expedition. Come prepared with all your questions!

Shop and Exhibition

Next to the ship you will find our shop where you can buy souvenirs from your visit, as well as an exhibition about the history of the original Götheborg, the building of the replica and the current expedition. Welcome!

Where to find us

Götheborg of Sweden will be moored at the City Quay (Helsingörskajen), just opposite Clarion Hotel Sea U. Come and see us from the quayside or visit us during our opening hours. Welcome!

Approximate coordinates: 56.045843, 12.688906

+46 31-779 34 50


H22 City Expo

H22 City Expo is a 35-day great city event and innovation show held in June, and Götheborg of Sweden will be at the heart of the city and events during its days in Helsingborg. H22 City Expo, with its strong message about sustainability and innovation, aligns perfectly with the mission for the Asia Expedition; to work as a platform for trade, relations and solutions for a sustainable future.

Sail with us to Helsingborg

Attention, all deckhands! Götheborg of Sweden, is heading out again. The first leg of the two-year expedition is between Gothenburg and Helsingborg, and this is the leg to be a part of – if climbing, getting the ship ready, learning about the rig, and taking her for the first run of the year is your thing, that is. And let’s not forget the spectacular departure from the Port of Gothenburg!

Sailing leg one

Götheborg is heading out again.

Should we save you a berth on the Pioneer Leg?

There will be a lot of fun sailing and also a lot to learn, in harbour and out at sea. Before leaving shore, the ship needs to get ready for a very long voyage. To make the final preparations happen, we need the help of committed deckhands. Yes, that’s you, guys – and we welcome beginners as well as old seadogs.

Also, don’t get fooled by how short the leg looks on the map. We will be making a detour, follow the weather, set as many sails as possible, and really test the ship!

Signing up for the Pioneer Leg will be a great learning experience and an adventure. Life onboard is full of the satisfaction that comes from a job well done, not to mention the suspense when a manouevre requires all hands on deck. Will you join us?

Latest news

Gothenburg row

18 February 2024

In August, we will attend the freshly started Gothenburg Row. During the cultural feast in Gothenburg, lots of traditional row boats will tour around the inner city canal.

Maintenance volunteers

24 November 2023

Are you interested in volunteering at Götheborg during our maintenance period? We are now looking for a few volunteers who have sailed with us recently and are willing to stay with us for 6-8 weeks.