Sète 23 – 27 March, 2023

Our first stopover in 2023 is beautiful Sète in the south of France. We will be moored at Quay d'Alger, right at the heart of Sète. We will of course be open to visitors during our stay. Book your visit online now to save your spot on board. Welcome on board! 

Want to see us sail into port? Arrival time 23 March is at 14:00.
Departure time 27 March is at 18:00. 

Visit the ship

Come on board and visit the ship! Learn about the history of the Swedish East India Company and the adventures of the original Götheborg that sailed three times to Asia. Hear modern tales of sailing an 18th century ship, feel the authentic atmosphere, and listen to everything from captivating stories to the tremendous art of shipbuilding.

Opening hours in Sète

24 March 10:00–14:00 (last entry 13:15)
25 March 10:00-20:00 (last entry 19:15)
26 March 10:00-18:00 (last entry 17:15)
27 March 12:00-15:00 (last entry 14:00)

We have station guiding on board. The ship deckhands are stationed throughout the ship to answer questions in English (We try to have local speakers on board, but cannot guarantee that. Please also note that all written information on board is in English). 

The visit takes about 45 minutes to an hour. 

Tickets & prices

Adults: 12€
Children 5-16 years: 6€
Children 0-4 years: Free of charge

Book your tickets online to save your space. Subject to availability, tickets are also sold at the ship.

Questions about tickets? Please see our ticket FAQ

Welcome on board!

On board Götheborg you will visit the beautiful weather deck with the helm, capstan and ship’s bell. Sundeck offers great views of the ship and masts, and down on gun deck there are ten impressive cannons. Don’t miss the two pieces from the original ship, one piece by the historical cupboard with porcelain and chalk pipes on gun deck, and the other one recessed into the helm.

Come prepared with all your questions!

Station guiding

We have station guiding on board when in port. That means that you follow a marked route around the ship and the ship’s deckhands are stationed in different places around the ship, ready to tell you about the ship, sailing on board and the European Tour 2023. 

We try to have local speakers on board during open ship, but can only guarantee that we can answer questions in English. All written information on board is also in English. 

Sail with us 2023

You can be part of the unique adventure of sailing as a deckhand on board Götheborg. You will experience life on board a 18th century ship and make friends for life. As a deckhand you sail together with the professional crew, are not required to have any sailing experience and will get training on board.

We only have spaces left on two of our sailing legs - read more about them below. 

Sailing leg four

Navigating the Channel - Jersey to Rotterdam

Leaving the Channel Islands behind, this sailing leg will offer a beautiful stretch of sailing with nine days at sea. Going through the narrow English Channel, which is one of the world’s busiest waters, will mean exciting night navigation and a busy time for whoever is keeping watch at the bowsprit or standing at the helm.  

The stopover at the end of this sailing leg will take us to one of the largest ports in the world, also known for its modern architecture and design – Rotterdam.

Don’t miss out on a channel adventure!

Total number of days: 13 days
Days at sea: 9 days
Days in port: 4 days

Sign on: Jersey, Monday 1 May 2023
Sign off: Rotterdam, Saturday 13 May 2023

Price: €990

Sailing leg five

The North Sea Spring Adventure – Rotterdam to Hamburg

During this sailing leg you will not only experience North Sea sailing in some of the busiest waters in Europe, but also the exciting hustle and bustle of going out of Rotterdam, one of the world’s largest ports. Even though this is one of the shortest sailing legs this year, we aim to follow weather and wind for some great sailing.

This sailing leg is perfect for anyone who only has time for a shorter sailing adventure.

Head out with us on a great spring sail!

Total number of days: 10 days
Days at sea: 5 days
Days in port: 5 days

Sign on: Rotterdam, Saturday 13 May 2023
Sign off: Hamburg, Monday 22 May 2023

Price: €690

Photo: Dan Norrå. From sailing leg 6, 2022, Oslo–London. 

Where to find us

Götheborg of Sweden will be moored at the Quay d'Alger at the heart of Sète. Come and see us from the quayside or visit us during our opening hours. Welcome!

Approximate coordinates: 43.401441, 3.700100

+46 31-779 34 50

[email protected]

Latest news

Tickets sales for Gibraltar stopover now open

16 March 2023

Ticket sales for the Gibraltar stopover in April is now open. Götheborg will be moored at Mid Harbour Marina 6–10 April. Book your tickets online now to save your space on board! Subject to availability tickets are also sold on site at the ship.

Last chance to visit the ship in Barcelona

15 March 2023

This weekend (18–19 March) will be our last in Barcelona. Monday 20 March at 10:00 we head out after nearly five months in this beautiful city. As this is the last chance to visit the ship in Barcelona, don't miss out! We're open Saturday and Sunday, and the ship will have full crew and of course look her best.  

2500 SEK grant for people 18–25 years old

13 March 2023

Are you 18–25 and want to sail with us? This is a great opportunity to get part of the payment payed by a grant! STAS (Sail Training Association of Sweden) has decided to give a grant of 2500 SEK each to four people 18–25 years of age. With only four grants to hand out, don't hesitate to apply!