Götheborg is coming to Helsingborg and H22 City Expo

Today, we are excited to announce that the first stop on the Asia Expedition 2022/2023 will be the Swedish city of Helsingborg. It is the first time that the ship makes an official visit to Helsingborg, and the stopover will be part of the large city event and innovation show, H22 City Expo.

Götheborg is coming to Helsingborg and H22 City Expo

Photo: David Lundin

The H22 City Expo takes place in Helsingborg throughout June 2022. The Expo's message and focus on sustainability and innovation aligns perfectly with the mission for the expedition; to work as a platform for trade, relations and solutions for a sustainable future.

Götheborg of Sweden will be in Helsingborg 14 June – 17 June 2022, and will be moored at the City Quay, a prime location at the heart of Helsingborg. 

As the first port stop is announced, the departure date for when the ship leaves Gothenburg is also made public; 8 June 2022.  

“While sailing to Stockholm in 2021, we saw a great interest in the ship Götheborg from both Helsingborg and the rest of Skåne. We are excited to be able to meet that demand and visit Helsingborg for the first time,” said Kristoffer Bennis, Expedition Director at Götheborg of Sweden.

Sail with us

As Helsingborg is announced as the first stopover on the Asia Expedition, the possibility to apply to sail along as a deckhand on board on the first sailing leg is also opened up. This is the leg to be a part of – if climbing, getting the ship ready, learning about the rig, and taking her for the first run of the year is your thing, that is. And let’s not forget the spectacular departure from the Port of Gothenburg!

To sail straight from Gothenburg to Helsingborg takes only about a day, but the planned sailing leg will take seven days. The ship will follow weather and winds to really test the ship and the rig for the long voyage to Asia. 

Note: The ship Götheborg has previously done two so called "silent stops" in Helsingborg, in 2008 and 2013, to take on provisions and change deckhands. The coming stopover is the first time that the ship makes an official visit to Helsingborg and is open to the public.

Friends of Götheborg of Sweden

11 July 2024

Do you want to play a vital role in preserving Götheborg of Sweden? We are launching an association with a passion for the ship Götheborg and its history, aiming to preserve, protect, and develop our shared cultural heritage.

Traditional Sailing Ships Meetup in Eriksberg, Gothenburg

19 June 2024

The weekend 27th to 29th of June is THE weekend! In the archipelago of Gothenburg, you will be able to see about 30 traditional sailing ships from Sweden, Norway and Denmark sailing together for a meet up in Eriksberg during the afternoon 29th of June.

National day and reopening of the Ships hall and brand-new Café!

01 June 2024

On June 6, it's happening! There aren't many places on Hisingen to celebrate the Swedish National Day. This year, we're making a big deal out of it by celebrating National Day with both a salute and a flag ceremony. We're combining this with the inauguration of our newly renovated Ship’s Hall and the brand-new café! Why not enjoy a brewed coffee and an ice cream with us?