Heading out once again

Yes! Götheborg of Sweden will be heading out once again. This time we will reconnect with our own history and do some serious, sustainable business. A selected number of great, Swedish brands will make a real impact on some of the world’s most important and fast-growing markets. Will you join us?

Expedition 2022

In April 2022, the Swedish Ship Götheborg will head out on an East Asian expedition. Götheborg stands as a symbol of bravery, entrepreneurship and innovation – and Sweden’s largest trade venture ever. Now it’s time to make history all over again.

Welcome on board

Partnering with us means you will be associated with the spectacular ship, trade for sustainability, and our common mission to increase business opportunities for Swedish companies.

Latest news

The Swedish Ship Götheborg is heading to Stockholm on her way to Asia

06 April 2021

Yes! The Swedish Ship Götheborg is getting ready for the expedition to Asia in 2022. We are pleased to announce a leg to Stockholm in August 2021. The stop-over in the capital city will be a showcase of future possibilities for Swedish companies that are looking for new business opportunities in East Asia.

Greencarrier takes over ownership of the Swedish Ship Götheborg

15 February 2021

Greencarrier ensures that The Swedish Ship Götheborg sails on Greencarrier AB has acquired all shares in Svenska Ostindiska Companiet AB - SOIC AB - from foundation Ostindiefararen Götheborg. Greencarrier AB thereby also takes over the ownership and responsibility for “The Swedish Ship Götheborg”.

History on the 12th of September, 275 years ago

08 September 2020

This Saturday, the 12th of September it will be 275 years ago the original East Indiaman Götheborg ran aground on the underwater rocks of Knippla Hunnebådan (close to the port of Gothenburg) and sank.

Founded on sustainability

International trade has positive effects on all three dimensions of sustainability; economic, social, and environmental. With our 2022 expedition, we are putting Swedish innovations for a better world on display. We will help spread commitment to the greatest challenge of our times – the adaptation to a sustainable future.

The stopover experience

The quay quickly transforms into a bustling location with 10,000 people circulating through the area. On-board Götheborg, there will be mingles, dinners, family days, press events and much more.


  • We are open for visitors and follow the restrictions due to Covid-19 to make your visit safe.