Practical information

Practical information before coming on board!

You have now read about life on board, applied, and gotten accepted.
What's next you might think? Here you will hopefully get the information need. 

I you still have questions, don't hesitate to contact us at

First day - Arriving on site

Arrival will be at 13:00 on the signing on date. We kindly ask the signing on deckhands to meet on the pier outside the ship. Someone from the ship will be there waiting for you.

The signing on schedule looks like this:
13:00 – Everyone gather at the pier. We will collect passports, go through important documents, and divide you into your watch teams.
13:30 – Watch leaders greet all deckhands and go together with their team on board to install you and your bag in your new home.
14:00 – Introduction and presentation.
14:30 – You will have ships familiarization, get to know your watch, unpack in the living quarters, get a rig familiarization, get clothes etc.
17:30 - Dinner 

Signing off is at 09:00 on the sign off day. 

Packing list

Here you can find more info about packing list and what to bring. Do you need to bring your own bed linnen? Will we provide you with rain clothes? Can you bring your own instruments? 

Storage and clothes

Do you want to know more about how much packing your are allowed to bring with you, what clothes you'll wear, and what shoes that are best suited to the sailing Götheborg? 

Living on board

Do you want to know more about the sleeping arrangements, the food situation, how to charge your phone and if you are allowed to bring your phone or camera in the rig?


What kind of travel insurance do you need? Do you need a vaccination? 

Entering the rig!

Sailing on board Götheborg of Sweden involves entering and working in the rig, at the highest about 40 meters up, or far out on a yard. Everyone who sails with the ship goes through rig training, and even though most are a bit nervous to begin with, it soon becomes one of the favourite tasks for many on board. This short film clip is footage from the midship watch on the sailing leg from Stockholm to Gothenburg in September 2021.

Are you up for it?

Curious how life on board will be?

Take a look at our films about our previous sailing adventures!

What is it like to sail on board Götheborg of Sweden? Have a look at what happens on board: From bringing your passport when you sign on, to rig training, lessons, fire round, lookout post – and all the other fun things that happen on board!

Who can apply? Read this information (terms & conditions) to see who can apply to sail with us. Because of the physically demanding work that we do on board, anyone joining us as a paying deckhand need to meet a number of requirements listed here. Read more
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