Decision to proceed with inspections

Decision to proceed with inspections

The vessel Götheborg of Sweden has been sailing successfully for close to two decades. After participation in the Gothenburg 400-year jubilee, she has been docked at her home berth, Pier 4 in Gothenburg, for a comprehensive inspection.

Decision to proceed with inspections

The board of Rederi Götheborg AB has made the decision to proceed with extensive inspections and maintenance throughout the upcoming summer. Consequently, any sailing operations for the year 2024 are not possible.

The choice to maintain the vessel in Gothenburg offers a unique opportunity to expand public access. This decision not only benefits the vessel itself but also presents an advantageous prospect for the residents of Gothenburg and the numerous tourists who visit the city.

Traditional Sailing Ships Meetup in Eriksberg, Gothenburg

19 June 2024

The weekend 27th to 29th of June is THE weekend! In the archipelago of Gothenburg, you will be able to see about 30 traditional sailing ships from Sweden, Norway and Denmark sailing together for a meet up in Eriksberg during the afternoon 29th of June.

National day and reopening of the Ships hall and brand-new Café!

01 June 2024

On June 6, it's happening! There aren't many places on Hisingen to celebrate the Swedish National Day. This year, we're making a big deal out of it by celebrating National Day with both a salute and a flag ceremony. We're combining this with the inauguration of our newly renovated Ship’s Hall and the brand-new café! Why not enjoy a brewed coffee and an ice cream with us?

Remember the sailboat rescue in April last year?

07 May 2024

On the 25th of April, off the coast of France just after 4pm, a distress call was sent by the MRCC regarding a sailing vessel that had lost its rudder and was drifting. Being the closest ship to the sailing boat, Götheborg answered the call.