Heading out once again

Asia Expedition 2022/2023

Götheborg of Sweden is the world's largest ocean-going wooden sailing ship, and will create great attention wherever she goes. We are now on a great expedition to Asia! During a two year adventure, we are sailing in Europe in 2022 and will continue to Asia in 2023.

We are on our way to Stockholm!

We are now on our way to Stockholm. Come and visit us in the Capital of Sweden. Due to a drydock visit that we want to do before heading on to the Mediterranean, the arrival at Skeppsbrokajen will be 11 July 2022 at the latest. We will arrive to the drydock in Stockholm 4 July 2022. 

In the meantime - follow us and the ship's position!

About the expedition

On the 8th of June 2022, Götheborg headed out on a great adventure. Seventeen years ago, 2005–2007, Götheborg sailed to Asia and back – and now we're heading out again on a great voyage and adventure – the Asia Expedition 2022/2023! 

Departure from Gothenburg on 8 June 2022

The 8th of June 2022 Götheborg left the harbor in Gothenburg, Sweden, to start her great adventure and two year voyage to Asia! After years of preparation, this was an amazing day! Check out our social media channels for photos and videos from the day. 

Visit us!

Come on board and visit the ship! Learn about the history of the East India Companies and the adventures of the original Götheborg that sailed three times to Asia. Hear modern tales of sailing an 18th century ship, and about the exciting expedition to Asia. Feel the authentic atmosphere, including the smell of tar, and listen to everything from captivating stories, to the tremendous art of shipbuilding.

Sail with us!

Did you know that you can sail on board Götheborg as a deckhand? Anyone can apply! Experience life on board and learn how to sail an 18th century ship. Join us on a unique sailing adventure!   

Partner with us!

It's been more than fifteen years since Götheborg of Sweden sailed to Asia. In June 2022, we are heading out again! In the same vein as in our history, the mission is to promote trade and create new business opportunities. Partnering with us means you will be associated with the spectacular ship, a unique platform for meetings and networking, and our mission to promote trade. Will you join us?

Latest news

Thank you, and goodbye Helsinki

29 June 2022

As we sail for Stockholm, we say a warm and heartfelt thank you to beautiful Helsinki for hosting us for a few days. We were spoiled by the beautiful weather that you laid on for us. Also, we could not have hoped for a more beautiful view, as Götheborg was moored by the south quay where crew and visitors got a view of the city Cathedral and surrounding architecture. 

We are hiring deck officers and 2nd Cooks

26 June 2022

We are hiring Deck Officers with a passion for sailing on traditional ships, and 2nd Cooks with a passion for serving food in exceptional surroundings. Join us and be part of a unique sailing expedition on board the world's largest wooden sailing ship as she heads out on a fantastic voyage to Asia! 

Changes to sailing leg 3 and the Stockholm stopover

24 June 2022

Some changes will be made to the sailing leg from Helsinki to Stockholm, and arrival at the stopover in Stockholm will be moved to a few days later. This is due to a visit to the drydock (in Stockholm) that we want to make with the ship, while we are still in Northern Europe.