Götheborg of Sweden is the world's largest ocean-going wooden sailing ship, an 18th century replica of the original Götheborg that sank outside of Gothenburg in 1745, and will create great attention wherever she goes. In 2022 and 2023 the ship has sailed in Europe and it is now moored in its home port Gothenburg. Read our latest news here and scroll down to the bottom of this page to sign up for our newsletter.

Götheborg is coming to Helsingborg and H22 City Expo

01 March 2022

Helsingborg is the first stopover on Götheborg of Sweden’s great Asia Expedition 2022/2023! It is the first time that the ship visits Helsingborg, and the stopover will be part of the large city event and innovation show, H22 City Expo. As the first port stop is announced, the departure date for when the ship leaves Gothenburg is also made public; 8 June 2022.  

More preparations on the ship! Brace yourself for ship jargon.

14 February 2022

Preparations for the Asia Expedition 2022/2023 are ongoing, and right now we have done caulking and pitching to seal the hull. The first thing is to caulk the deck with flax fibres to seal the seams. Then it is time for the pitching of the deck. This is done to keep the flax fibres in place once the ship is in the water.

Apply to be a deckhand on board Götheborg

08 February 2022

An English channel adventure is waiting! Apply now to sail as a deckhand on Götheborg on the sailing leg between London and Bremerhaven – the Crown Jewel Passage. Climb high up in the rig, work with setting and taking in sails, and learn about sailing an 18th century ship. This passage will give you the unique experience of sailing and steering the ship in waters that are among the world’s busiest.

Smoke, fire and craftsmanship when putting iron rings on new yard

04 February 2022

Last week, we carried out some exciting work on Götheborg. We’ve made two new yards for the ship, a main yard and a fore yard. One of the final steps is to put on iron rings, that are used to fixate the joints of the yard. The work is done in the historically correct way; the same way these large riggs were built in the 18th century. 

First two port stops of the Asia Expedition: London and Bremerhaven

03 February 2022

We are really excited to now start announcing the stops of the Asia Expedition 2022/2023. First out are London and Bremerhaven! It is the first time in fifteen years that the ship will sail up the River Thames and salute the Londoners. In Bremerhaven, the ship will be the center of attention at a large maritime event with over 350,000 visitors and 80 different ships.

We are recruiting!

25 January 2022

Sail with us! We are now recruiting professional crew to sail on Götheborg on our Asia Expedition 2022/2023. Join us and be part of a unique sailing expedition on board the world's largest wooden sailing ship as she heads out on a fantastic voyage to Asia! Right now we are looking for Deck Officers, Watch Leaders, Engine Room Personnel, Cooks, Messmen, Assistant Watch Leaders and Assistant Bosuns. 

Forty weekends of volunteering on board Götheborg

21 December 2021

What started with a somewhat grumpy car ride in 2001, resulted in twenty years of passionate interest in the ship Götheborg. Recently, Inga Blomstrand and Leif Bäckman, joined their 40th weekend of volunteering at the ship.

How to make a new yard

17 December 2021

The main yard on the ship Götheborg is 23 meters long and weighs 1.7 tonnes – and we're making a new one! This involves great craftmanship and many hours of hard work. Hear our carpenter Manne explain the work being done in our workshop in Gothenburg.

Vi söker nu maskinrumsbemanning / We're looking for engine room personnel

03 December 2021

Vi söker nu tekniska chefer, förste fartygsingenjörer och motormän som vill vara med att förbereda inför och segla med Götheborg på vår expedition till Asien under 2022 och 2023. Bli en del av vårt team och följ med oss på äventyret! (For text in English, click link in post.)

Sustainability workshop with CSR Västsverige

23 November 2021

Sustainability is at the core of our expedition 2022/2023. Therefore, we have started a process of identifying what we can improve and what we can do to make sure we take responsible decisions and actions for a sustainable future.